Giving up my desktop PC

January 29, 2020

When I moved to Manchester last year I had to do one the toughest things I’ve ever done, sell my overpowered desktop PC and go mobile.

It was a nice PC, with 16gbs of memory, more than enough disk space and a powerhouse Asus strix 1080TI that could run anything you threw at it. Add to that a 27’ 4k monitor, a wide and clean wooden desk and you start getting what I mean. Heaven.

But flying with that to another country was out of the question. A couple of months after finishing my build I got a job offer I couldn’t refuse, so I said yes and started the process of selling everything in my life. Big screen TV, furniture, washing machine, clothes and yes, my desktop.

I sold it for good money(not even close to the original price) and that was it. As I wasn’t going to be able to cope without a computer for too long, I decided to get an old laptop I had lying around, revive it with a new SSD and deal with it.

So a couple of months went by. I flew to Manchester, let an apartment, got settled at work and, as I was expecting, the itch of getting a new desktop PC came back. Mind you, my old laptop was working OK, the SSD made it usable. I could watch netflix, browse the web and play some games like Age of Empires II and Dwarf Fortress(forget about FPSs or RGPs). But one day, when I was trying to start a new project, Docker kept running out of memory. Apparently 6GB is not enough to start a few containers. That same moment launched me into a research frenzy trying to find the perfect budget gaming laptop.

Yes, a laptop. I didn’t want to be chained to a desktop PC again, or at least not in the short term, so a gaming laptop seemed to be the best compromise.

Long story short, most budget gaming laptops are not good or they look horrible so I started to feel defeated.

I was almost giving up when I found PC Specialist, a UK based custom desktop and laptop PC builder. I decided to give them a try and bought a pretty beefy laptop:

My new laptop

  • 32GB ram
  • 512GB SSD
  • NVidia rtx 2070
  • 1080p 144hz display
  • i7 CPU

All for about £1,500. Not bad at all. Now I can start Docker containers without a hitch an even play Red Dead Redemption 2!

And why is this important? Because if everything goes according to plan, this laptop should help me achieve my plans for this year which includes starting a blog, so at least step one is done!